Take out the guesswork on who to talk to and where  —
and put a stop to that exhausting omnipresence palaver

✅ Your buyer is out there already.

✅ You just need to get you and your thing in front of them

✅ And then gently help them press that buy button

In this action-focused workshop:


How to figure out where your buyer hangs out


How to come up with what to say to them


How to nail when to say it to them

Find Your Audience

Finally, no more guess work for just $37

My name is Naima, and I specialize in systemizing everything.  Even finding buyers.

Naima Sheikh
Digital Strategist & Coach

Yes, I know you’ve been told that you need to BUILD an audience.

Reality is that it already exists.

And chances are they’re buying from your competitors.

On products that don’t hold a candle to the value-packed masterpiece you’ve created.

So how about dumping the crazy omnipresence, be-everywhere, exhausting hamster wheel, and find your buyer with surgeon-like precision?

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