Let’s get you sorted out

Getting yourself established online doesn’t have to be fraught with indecision, technical hurdles, or muddled with conflicting information.

I speak geek AND human.  Let me help you translate your awesomeness into a polished online brand that’s exactly like you on a good hair day.

Get A Plan


You have an idea of what you want to do, but no idea how to get there.

You may already have a thriving local practice, a running business and want to take that online.

You just have no idea of tech, costs, branding, timeline … anything, really – including whether it’s even a good idea to go in this direction.

Talk to me, because I do have not just an idea, but exactly how to match you up with the right plan for you.

Including doing nothing — if that’s what we conclude after we meet.

Imagine – soon you could have the exact blueprint to birth your vision into the world. 

Don’t wait.

    Get A Start


    You know exactly what you want.  

    It’s just that you suck at implementation.

    But this time, you want to nail it before this idea, this project, this amazing vision gets consigned to the unfinished pile.

    Which, sadly, seems to be growing out of control.

    You know that if you just get started, and implement at least the first building blocks of your online presence, you’d just take off like rocket.

    Talk to me, because I’m your secret implementation ace up your sleeve.

    Whether re-branding, a new website, a digital marketing strategy, I can help you get it done.

      Get it all


      You want it all.  

      You have the seed of an idea, and could really use a sounding board on whether it has legs, and what to actually do about it.

      You want it all: the assessment, the strategy, the blueprint AND the full implementation of your thing.

      You bring the idea, I bring the strategy, tools and tech.

      You can be as involved as much or as little as you want.  

      You can pick the bits you like, and leave the rest to me.

      There’s only one caveat: to get it all, you need to start. 

      Because without starting, well, there’s nothing.  So how about hitting the button and starting?