Imagine never having to hunt for content to fill your funnels, emails or social outreach posts …


Because the key to prolific launching 
is in systemizing your words

In this 3-part system done as a 5-day sprint, you will:

  • set up your own vault
  • populate it with all the golden nuggets you have spread all over the internet …

… all over your phone, your hard-drive, Voxer and those lovely handwritten notebooks #BecauseStationery!!

I will show you how to use the power of Trello to classify and label your curated content from your own sources, from others you follow, and your social networks to create 
a rich library of re-usable gems.

Your gems. In your voice. 

Never again struggle through those “365 days of prompts!” 
trying to find one that sounds like you.


Part 1: Set up the system

Set up the containers, labels and all the things … this is like setting up coloured pens, post-it notes, except it’s digital -so fun!

Part 2: Populate the system

 Populate your system with meaty content from these five sources, two of which will surprise, may be even shock you.  You won’t believe what’s been sitting under your nose


Part 3: Fill your funnel

Pull golden nuggets for your launch teaser campaign, email sequences and more right from your own content bank, and launch in 80% less time


Get it today for just $47, and start building your own vault

Hello, I’m Naima, and I love my content bank!

Naima Sheikh
Digital Strategist & Coach

I’ve been writing since I was 9, when I wrote out my first “novel” long hand in a notebook with a pretty swirly pastel blue cover.

As a grown up, I fell in love with computers and systems.

After 25+ years in corporate technology management, I switched my focus to systemizing online business.

Imagine my glee when I noticed that when content meets systems,  ie  my two loves hang out together, magic happens.

The Content Bank and its system makes sure each piece of content that comes across your eyes and ears does its job – multiple times –  and carries its weight, as opposed being a dead weight on your hard-drive.

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