Calling coaches, creatives and course creators who squirm when it comes to selling

Get your product into the hands of eager customers with a sales page that does you proud

even if you’re secretly terrified of writing copy, and you’re not exactly clear on how to sell it

Meet Pages That Sell, the course-challenge-coaching experience to create a page that sells, so you don’t have to

You’ve poured your heart and soul into creating your product.

May be it’s a course, or a coaching program, or a life-changing journaling printable.

You’ve seen (and bought), and you know yours is so much better.

With so much more heart

So many more resources

So much more everything

But they have a sales page to get customers.

And you don’t.

That is, until TODAY.

Finally, a step by step system to craft a sales page that doesn’t make you feel like you’re selling — or salesy — and you’re actually excited to share with the world




Review and briefly revisit what you’re selling, so you can best position your product to sell to the right buyer

Get crystal clear on who would most likely buy, use and benefit from your product

Tease out potential objections to test out your marketing message and product description



Get an insider’s view of what makes for a sales page that converts and does your product justice.

Deconstruct the 12 building blocks that form the ideal customer journey through the page

Know where to use emotional language, and where to appeal to their rational side



Transfer the key parts of your product and all you know about it to the right blocks in your sales page

Amaze yourself at how quickly the writing comes together — you’re talking about your darling product!

Tweak the words with proven frameworks, so they are immediately understood by the right buyer



Block out and layout the sections of your sales page, and pick out the branding visuals to showcase your words

Enjoy sketching out and playing with different possibilities for images, colours and visual elements

Learn and apply the principles of sales page design for maximum impact



In this module, you will write answers to questions they didn’t know they had about your product, about you, and about themselves

Use specific prompts to automagically tease out the conversation going on in your buyer’s mind

Seal the deal when you articulate, and systematically dismantle their doubts and hesitations – ethically. 



Discover the different possibilities for building, hosting and connecting your sales page to payment, automated emails and product delivery

You’ve always known one platform doesn’t fit all — in this module, figure out what’s best for you

Choose with confidence, once you confirm your budget, tech appetite, and product type — for fastest time to market

In just a few hours, you too CAN put together a sales page that speaks the right language to your perfect buyer and showcases your product in all its awesomeness

I have an actual sales page ready now!

As a stay at home mum of two toddlers finding time to work on my business let alone find time for a course seems impossible.

But Naima’s Pages That Sell broke everything down in to small enough pieces that even if I only had 5 minutes, I could accomplish a lot!

Every module had a quick actionable step and she got straight to the point in the lessons sharing the exact information you need to know without any jargon or fluff.

And I have an actual sales page ready now, too.

Thank you so much Naima!

Allison G.


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Working alone in vacuum is no fun! Hang out. in the members’ area, and participate — who knows, your customer could be right there with you!

** bonus included during live runs

Q&A, Feedback & Coaching Replays

Listen to previous coaching calls at 2x speed in your own time.

Watch sales page reviews, and learn from feedback that often applies to you too!  

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Naima Sheikh
Digital Strategist & Coach

Hello, I’m Naima

I’m a Digital Strategy Consultant specializing in transforming vague ideas into solid digital assets.

My 6000+ students will agree that my super power is not information or teaching.  It’s helping you execute.

That’s why my courses and workshops are actionable and get you results in bite-sized action steps.

Execution is what it takes to create profitable projects in the margins of life (and in the ever shifting nuances of digital marketing).

Also — them projects?

Yeah, you need to sell them.

And that’s where Pages That Sell  comes in.


It’s time to get your product in front of buyers

Step up and show up, so you and your product can start changing lives

PLUS: complimentary access to the next live run

Pages That Sell 5-Module Course 

Pre-party Prep: Prep Your Product

Sales Page Copy Workbook + AI Prompts

Bonus: Private Podcast Feed

Regular Price: $497

Today’s price: $97

Frequently Asked Questions

My product isn’t quite finished yet. Will this work for me?

This is actually the perfect time to create your sales page.

Infact, you may find yourself tweaking your product a little (or a lot), because you will be now seeing it through the eyes of your customer.

How long do I have access?

You will have unlimited access to the course materials.

During a live run, you will also have 2 weeks access to the community, support and interaction within it

Do I need WordPress / Samcart / Teachable / Kajabi / etc?

Pages That Sell helps you create the copy and the design for your sales page to then build on your choice of platform.

Module 5 goes through your options, depending on your tech and budget appetite, and a host of other factors so you can make the best decision for your business.


Will this work for physical products?

It could. 

Pages That Sell is best for digital products, such as ebooks, courses, coaching programs, digital downloads and so on.

What is difference between Q&A and feedback?

You know how sometimes you learn something, then follow instructions, but you’re not really sure if you did it right?

That’s where feedback comes in.

Q&A is answering questions like, “How many bonuses should I have?”

Feedback addresses, “Could you review this bonus idea and let me know if it makes sense for my product?”

It’s reviewing YOUR work product specifically.

Can I use this for 1:1 clients?


Depending on the nature of the 1:1 service, you will likely want to have your sales page “sell” a discovery call.

What is your refund policy?

If you’re not happy after 14 days, we will refund you — just email us on

What they said … and did!

Are you ready to allow customers to flow into your business?

This is for you if


You are finally (almost) ready to have a go at creating your own sales page 


You are tired of waiting for “something” to happen so your product starts selling


You’re terrified of writing a sales page that’s slimy and salesy, and worry about being judged


You want to articulate how awesome your product and its results are, but don’t know how

This is not for you if


You don’t have a product at all and want to presell an idea — you heard you can get paid to create a product!


You sell exclusively on sales calls or have a sales team who does that for you


You believe in using forced or fake scarcity / urgency and scare tactics to sell your product


You believe only professional copywriters + talented designers can create pages that sell

It’s time to stop hiding and start selling

Pages That Sell 5-Module Course

Pre-party Prep: Prep Your Product 

Sales Page Copy Workbook + AI Prompts

Bonus: Private Podcast Feed

Buyers are buying anyway — isn’t it time for them to buy from you?

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