Do you know the biggest stopper to you getting paid?

It’s failing to ask for the sale.  It’s failing to MAKE AN OFFER.

Making offers

Here’s the problem

You need to decide what to offer, who to offer it to.

Oh, and then … you have to actually sell it.


Bottom line is that you’re feeling a little (a lot?) wobbly about offering a thing.

And asking for money for it.

Am I right? Or am I right?

Let me help.👇

This is what it feels like to create an offer you’re excited to sell

You’re 100% confident in delivering the results the offer promises

You’re looking forward to working with customers who purchase this offer from you

You feel comfortable telling people about it — it’s like talking about your fave pasta sauce

Sounds amazing, right?


That’s because your success in creating, selingl and delivering an offer is a direct result of how good you feel about it.

How capable, confident, and cool YOU feel about your offer.

Which is why we reverse engineer it



Discover the simple, doubt-free process to create an irresistible offer using the backwards method of reverse engineering it from proven previous success.

Offer 101 is a practical, actionable two-workshop set  to take your offer game from non-existent to a fast and fun process you can’t WAIT to jump into.

Because we start from YOUR skills and passions and turn them into killer offers.

Aaaaand … without the torture that is answering “who’s your ideal client avatar” or “what’s your niche” questions 😁  

“This is exactly what I needed.”

“Even though I’ve successfully run many launches, creating offers for myself is a different story!

This is exactly what I needed to get me out of indecision offering my services!

Not only do I have the confidence to make the offer now, but I had TWO bites the same day I posted it!!”

Rachel Escola

Launch Strategist

Inside of Offer 101, you get:


The five step process to craft an irresistible offer from your many skills and passions


The special ingredient to add to make your offer STAND OUT from the rest


The seven things you must include to attract customers who NEED you

BONUS: figure out which of your many ideas and offers you should launch first!


BONUS: avoid the blank page and get a mini sales page template, so you can tell people about your offer today

BONUS: Private podcast feed so you can take Offer 101 with you while you run errands



Learn the exact language to use, whether on social media or on a sales page, even if you’ve never done it before

Discover the little known, backward method of finding a hot market for your skills, without spending hours in market research
Get the must-do steps to test your offer to protect you from promising too much and getting stuck with unhappy customers.

Perfect for pros who are experts in their field, but somehow turn into a nervous mess of insecurity when they need to create and sell an offer online

(ask me how I know *wink wink* 🤣)

Ready to craft your awesomeness into an irresistible offer?

How to create an irresistible offer workshop

How to simplify, price and position your offer

What to include so you attract the right customer

BONUS: Decision Calculator

BONUS: Mini sales page template

BONUS: Private Podcast  version of Offer 101

Regular price: $67
Today’s price: $37

Module 1: Coming up with your irresistible offer


Forget figuring out ideal client avatar, defining your niche and all the other confusing pre-work you’re meant to do.

Start from what you know, and applying my proven process, come up with your offer.

Then, use the 7 magic sentences to write up the sales page!


Module 2: Choosing the right offer to launch


Have you ever had too many ideas for offers, and somehow knew EXACTLY which one to start with?

Me neither.

That’s why I walk you through a simple process that guides you through the the decision making process, chunking down and pricing your offer, so you can skip the angst and feel confident in your choice.


Module 3: Tools & Templates


Have multiple offers that feel right? In this section, get access to the Offer Decision Calculator – answer a few questions, and ta-dah, the Calculator will tell you which offer to take to market.

Decided? Skip the blank page dilemma, and use the mini sales template, complete with prompts  AND a worked out example, right there IN the template.


“Perfect for difficult-to-define services!”


You make the “doing” so easy!

Even for my non-product offering (coaching can sometimes be difficult to articulate).

I can follow this and create an offer that I am going to put out there!!!

Lynne Durham

Personal Success Coach

Naima Sheikh
Digital Strategist & Coach

Hello, I’m Naima

I’m a Digital Strategy Consultant specializing in transforming vague ideas into actual digital assets.

And selling them.

Even with my 20+ years in corporate actually building and “selling” digital products to end users who were happy with their paper methods, it still took me a little while to figure out how to do this online business thing on the sidelines of an already full-on life.

The result is several online courses, speaking engagements, published books and a growing community of pros who are on a quest to diversified income. 


Isn’t it time to monetize with confidence?

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