Are you ready to stop dabbling and finally join the ranks of multipassionates who monetize?

How to go from dream to done
without losing your mortgage, your marriage or your mind

Even if you’re a distracted diva with 2,137 projects on the go

Calling fierce, multipassionate coaches, consultants & creatives

Real talk: you’re not struggling because
you’re playing small.

You’re struggling because
you’re playing WIDE

You’ve got a million ideas.

A million half finished blog posts and lead magnets and products and coaching programs.

A million fancy, virtual sales, marketing,  branding, clarity and productivity programs gathering dust on your desktop.

You don’t need another digital business guru.


You need to get focused.

You (and your bank account) need a game plan
to hone in on your BEST ideas, build them beautifully,
and sell them to the people who need them most.

I get it.  You can’t decide where to start.  Or what to do.

Do I start with a website?  I need one, like, a pretty one, right?

No — wait! A funnel!  Isn’t funnels where it’s at these days??

Instagram! And Instagram Stories! And Instagram ads! That’s what I should do

You know, I think I should start podcast.  I mean, I LOVE talking to myself ..

So many things pulling at you …


A bank balance that’s begging for your attention


May be even a partner who is fed up trying to get your attention


Or trying to get through the massive programs you invested in — too much information, not enough action

… and your multipassionate problems 👇👇


Your never-finishing-anything problem


Your never-actually-launching-or-selling-anything problem


Your I’m still working on it problem

I get it.  Your attention is focused on trying to get it right.
Picking the right thing, doing the right thing …

Meanwhile, the next day (week? month?), you get this other NEW idea …

My name is Naima and I’m a multipassionate too

My super power is  translating wishlists to digital assets — BEFORE second guessing takes hold.

I’ve been a professional finisher since the 90s, when I used to project manage – no, project finish — programming prima donnas to deliver apps projects on time.

The one thing my 20+ years building business solutions have taught me is that it’s not a thing until it’s built and in the hands of customers.

Actual customers — paying customers.

And I figured out how to get us multi-passionates from idea to done — quickly and predictably.


Imagine seeing your idea come to digital life
in less time than it takes you to
labour through yet another 30-day challenge  … 



The all-action, no-fluff,
learning-optional program
for multi-passionates & multi-skilled pros
on a mission to monetize

I created Launch Me Right  from the actual process
I use with my clients to translate their
business dreams to digital assets.

I distilled it into an easy to action program so you too
can finally launch the right way.

Your way.
Actually finished and ready to launch.  

With a Buy Button!





Nail Your Visual Brand

Pick out a brand board you like, or fast-track creating your own with mix & match.


Create Your Website

Apply your visual brand to your home / landing page.  Pick out a layout you like, or mix & match.


Jump Start Resources

Done for you brand boards, website layouts, and ready-to-go components.  Just download and apply





Map out your product

Start with pre-defined mapping template to lay out your product


Finish your product

Use my system to identify the exact asset you need to build to get your product market-ready


Jump Start Resources

Done-for-you mind map for fast product creation, and blueprints for upping your product’s value




Funnels demystified

Create a smooth customer experience with the three types of funnels


Build your funnel

Build out your funnel pages to bridge your branded website to your payment processor


Jump Start Resources

Done-for-you funnel pages, pre-selected payment processors to match your budget and tech appetite




Create your bait

Choose the right type of lead magnet to capture visitors from day one


Customers & Conversations

Create conversation starter content for your website, social and in-person events


Jump Start Resources

Use the K.E.Y. framework to quickly create content and re-purpose for customer touchpoints


The next evolution of online programs —
light on lectures, high on ready-to-use templates and frameworks so you finish what you start


Brand Boards

Ready to use brandboards with pre-matched colours, fonts, buttons and accents.

Funnel Pages

The game changer: done for you funnel templates, ready to fill with your words and hook up to payment

Home Pages

Done for you optimized page layouts, ready to deploy to your website

I can’t believe I set up my entire lead gen funnel in under an hour.  The funnel packs are genius —  effective, time saving and they look GREAT.

Ravi Toor

Transformational Leaders Coach


Launch Me Right gives you the what, the how and the done-for-you templates so you
become a finisher who actually launches!

We got to do an in-person business intensive, and in a few hours, Naima helped us crystallize our diverse offers into a set of optimized streams — each for our different client personas.

it’s so exciting to see our brand proposition described so concisely, and all in one document, complete with implementation plan.

Andy Torr

Co-Founder, Authentic Networker


I am invested in getting you to done, which why you also get bonuses especially designed to get you and keep you moving — until you get done, and are ready to launch — your way!




Includes exclusively designed 34-page Canva lead magnet toolkit and the wildly popular and effective) Legendary Lead Magnets course




Everything you need  to know (and do) on the way to  filling your list with eager subscribers to delight with your offers




Turns out becoming one of them prolific video peeps isn’t as complicated or as hard as it used to be — whether for your course or for your content




Never get stuck writing your About page or your bios.  Tooting your own horn is easier than you think!



Make It Happen Sprint

Join the pop up community and the live implementation sprint in January for co-working and implementing.

Naima’s genius is she helps you take your next brainstorm & creation that has been living in your head into clear concepts, executed in record time.

If you want to execute digital plans into action, her products & amazing services will have your back.

Holly LaRochelle

Entrepreneur & Coach,

“I’m not sure if this Launch Me Right is for me …”

This program is for coaches, consultants, creatives and service providers who want to — need to — get a plan to get their multipassionate-ness digitized and done

This program is for you if:

You have lots of ideas you want to implement, but baulk at how long it may take

You are a little scared of the tech, but ready to take control, because you have been burned before by disappearing designers and developers

You love using done-for-you templates, where you just have to fill in your content, colours and awesomeness

You are tired of talking about how you will do it, and want to celebrate that you’ve done it

You want a proven, repeatable system you can use over and over again to bring your ideas to digital life, so they can transform your customer’s lives

You are ready to dive in and actually do some work – even if it is in tiny pockets of time here and there

This program is NOT for you if:

You’re happy to maintain the “I’m not tech-y”, and “I suck at design” or “I’m too old for this” excuse barrier for not pursuing your ideas

You don’t want to get your hands dirty and have no interest in having your finger on the pulse of your own digital footprint

You believe throwing a lot of cash at someone to “take care of everything” and hope it works out

You buy into the hype that you can be successful and profitable pushing one button for about 2 seconds once a month

You are not prepared to fight for your idea to come to life, make you money and change lives.  And that’s ok.  You will know when you’re ready.


It’s time to stop second guessing and start making the most of your multiple passions and skills

Launch Me Right 4-module program + companion Trello boards

Templates, pre-built mobile responsive page layouts for your funnels using Divi/Wordpress

Bonus: Legendary Lead Magnets Power Pack – Course + 34-page Canva toolkit 

Bonus: Pop up community & implementation sprint in January so you make it happen 

Bonus: Your First (or Next) 100 Subscribers Workshop to kickstart / re-ignite your list

Bonus: Video Production Made Simple — become a prolific video creator

Bonus: You Online Course – stress free  online bios and About pages made doable  

Bonus: Archive of Q&A replays, with transcripts and closed captions 

Total value: $2,566

Regular price: $497

Today’s price: $297

When does it start?

Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the course area, which already has all the materials.

The pop up community and implementation sprint  are scheduled for January 8, 2024

Do I need to have a product idea?


And I’m sure that’s NOT the problem.

To get a product / service idea, you just have to look on Amazon.  Or Udemy.  Or Fiverr.  There are many marketplaces you can peruse to have an idea of what people are already buying in your area of interest.  

The Bonus The Multipassionate Product will get you started (and finished) with a product.

What's the benefit of live recordings?

I create and record 99% of my trainings live with people in attendance.

That makes the live recordings even more valuable, as you benefit from hearing questions (and answers) you had not even considered.

It also helps me refine workshops to make them clearer and even more actionable for you — the self-study student.

Do I need all four of those modules / things?

Yes, you need:

a brand (what you are known for)

a product (something to sell),

a funnel (breadcrumbs for people to follow to find you and your thing to buy)  and

traffic (people)

How long is the program?

The program is built to be successfully completed, and your product ready for launch, in 4-6 weeks, working about 4-6 hours a week

You can do it in 2 days, or take 6 months depending on how much time you are willing to devote to it.

How long do I keep access?

You have unlimited access to the content, the provided templates, and the replays.

I'm a service provider. Will this work for me?


As a service provider, your “product” is actually your service.

Many service providers package and templatize part of their service, and use them as entry level products.

You will find a lesson on how to productize your services inside the members’ area.


What is the refund policy?

If you are not happy with the program for whatever reason, you get 100% refund.  Just let within 14 days after purchase.

No questions asked.

What do I need to use the templates?

The page templates are built on WordPress using the Divi Theme.

You will need a self-hosted WordPress installation (about $100/year), and membership to Elegant Themes’ Divi (about $90/year) to use them.

In my BEACH program, a Divi license is included.

I have another question


Simply email and we’ll get you sorted out! 

How will you “do” 2024?

Excited, thriving and monetizing your passions? Or waiting for someone, somewhere to rescue you from indecision and excuses?

It’s your chance to become a finisher.  Take it.

It’s the best investment I ever made in my business.

Jannie O. Harvey

Author Marketing Specialist

Who knew what I could get done in the margins of life — with the right strategy, and the right push!

Rachel Escola

Launch Specialist

Naima is my secret weapon – and the industry’s best kept secret.

Fiona Campbell

Leadership Development Coach & Author

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