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On the regular. For real this time.

So.  Is your course-based business a thing yet?

You’ve bought the courses, downloaded the templates, and signed up for the challenges … but somehow never got that course to be launch-ready.

Turns out knowing what to do is not enough.

Sometimes knowing how to do it is not enough either.

Actually doing it is the only thing that matters.

That … and getting specific feedback on whether you’re headed in the right direction.

From someone who’s more interested in your success than insisting on their way or the highway.

Here’s how it usually goes


You start with this idea — it’s a really good idea, and you know exactly what to do


You start to outline it, may be even create the first module.  Your excitement is palpable


Then you see an ad for something almost identical in your social media feed


You shrug it off — surely there’s plenty of room for everyone?


You change your outline … because you can’t shake it off, and don’t want to be called a copycat


But now it’s not really that awesome idea anymore — infact it feels a little … flat


Now you see another ad, this time for a program promising you to finish your course in a weekend


May be you should buy that program, or perhaps get a bundle instead — so many more options, right?


Meanwhile, a week later (a month? a year?) you’re back to square one, working your way through another amazing course idea

This is the bit I’m supposed to ask you if this sounds familiar, and you maybe nod your head at your phone screen, or perhaps squirm a little when you remember the $$$$ you dropped on that last program

But I don’t need to ask if you relate, because I know.

Because I WAS you.

Heck, I still am you.

Naima Sheikh
Digital Strategist & Course Finisher

My name is Naima and I’ve spent a great deal of my life teaching & coaching — even when it’s not called that.

I taught a computer science lab in college.

I patiently trained technophobes on using corporate systems; pried Excel sheets away from CRM-adverse sales teams, and showed them better systems.

In the online world, I’ve perfected coaxing self-professed procrastinators, second-guessing experts, and even dabblers and hobbyists  into doing and finishing the thing.

And selling the thing.

After creating dozens of courses and welcoming  9200+ students, I’ve picked up a trick or 10 on creating and selling courses.

What I can tell you is that it’s almost never about having access to information.

It’s about doing it and confirming you’re doing it right for your specific situation.  Your market.  Your topic. And your idea of fun.

It’s about spotting the difference that makes the difference.

Biggest difference?

Prioritizing DOING over learning.

Nothing beats that flood of feel-good waves when your course is finished and has its very own fabulous buy button that works

What happens when we work together …

Doing is so much more doable when have crystal clear steps, and you can see tangible outcomes

It’s time to stop dabbling in SOS (start over syndrome) and get your course into the hands of eager buyers

Introducing your group coaching doing program

Put your pro skills and passion projects to work so they earn for you … everyday

The Create And Sell Everyday program is designed to help you take action on your course-based business.


It’s a curated collection of the most impactful challenges and workshops on creating and selling digital products.

And today, it is available to you in an accessible, custom-feedback, group coaching-and-doing format.

Join Create & Sell Everyday, and get immediate access to:

Phase 1: CREATE Workshop Series

Phase 2: CONVERT Workshop Series

Phase 3: CONNECT Workshop Series

Bonus: Tools & Templates + Productivity Pack 

Bonus: Custom Feedback In The Group (3 months)

Bonus: 3 x Monthly Live Office Hours (3 months)

Bonus: Private Community on Heartbeat (3 months)

Bonus: Private Podcast Feed of Replays

Total value: $6,370+

Regular price: $997

Today’s price: $497

Inside Create And Sell Everyday

Here is a curated collection of my best performing workshops and challenges for each of the three phases of building your course and digital product based business.

Phase 1 – CREATE

Course Complete Camp

Get the blueprint & tools  to create a course that gets completed — by you and your students

Products That Pop!

Take your digital product from meh to poppin’ through the 6-point protocol

BONUS: What To Create Starter

Get Offer 101 & The Multipassionate Product: Reverse engineer your course or digital product from your skills and passions

Phase 2 – CONVERT

Pages That Sell

Get your product into the hands of eager customers with a sales page that does you proud


Fast Buyers The SLO Way

Set up your tripwire funnel to fill your list with buyers with your self-liquidating offer

BONUS: Beta Tester Promo Pack

Pre-designed templates & emails  to promote your new beta course

Phase 3 – CONNECT

Legendary Lead Magnets

Create a freebie so good, they can’t believe it’s free, and give you their real email address

Content That Counts

Use this 7 step system to create and promote laser targeted content to build your audience

BONUS: Social Media Pack

Get your Audience Accelerator media pack to jumpstart your socials

Workshops & challenges get you finishing … everyday.

The Built-For-Action Bonuses:
Calls, Community & Custom Feedback

Community & Connection

Our community is housed on Heartbeat and away from social media.

We have dedicated channels for discussions, for feedback and for random convos — because we are real people, not manufactured social personas.

It’s a good place to be — meet others from across the globe and with disparate interests — all working together to make the course-based business a reality.

Also, your next customer is probably in the group …!

Group Calls

Our group calls are 3 times a month on Zoom and run as a hybrid group coaching call / open office hours.

As your head coach, I delight in extracting teaching moments from our conversations, so everyone on the call benefits from your questions, AND jumps in with suggestions too.

Replays are available as a private podcast, in the members’ area, with full transcripts and closed captions.

We have one week each month with no calls, so you have a chance to take a break, and come back ready and refreshed

Customized Feedback

One size does not fit all, after all — yes, even in proven roadmaps, because the riches are not in the niches – they are in the nuances that get you finishing and selling.

That’s why in Create & Sell Everyday you get weekly feedback on your work, and what is the next best step for your course.

Sometimes done during the calls, and others directly in the community’s feedback channel, this is easily the most coveted part of this program.

It’s like having your very own coach.  No.  It IS havng your very own coach.

Actionable feedback

When does it start?

Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the course area, which already has all the materials.

You will also get the link to the private community immediately.

Calls are on Wednesdays at 11:00a Eastern.


How long is the program?

The program is for 3 months.  

You can go at your pace, and I’ve seen instances of courses being completed and up for sale with a brand new sales page in as little as 3 weeks. 

After the 3 months, you get to keep the content, but will no longer have access to the community or the calls.

Do I need to have a course idea?


And I’m sure that’s NOT the problem.

To get a course idea, you just have to look on Amazon.  Or Udemy.  Or Fiverr.  There are many marketplaces you can peruse to have an idea of what people are already buying in your area of interest and skill.

But assuming that really IS the problem, Offer 101 and Multipassionate Product workshops will walk you through how to extract a course idea from your skills and passions.

What's the benefit of live recordings?

I create and record 99% of my trainings live with people in attendance.

That makes the live recordings even more valuable, as you benefit from hearing questions (and answers) you had not even considered.

It also helps me refine workshops to make them clearer and even more actionable for you.

Do I need all of those workshops?

You don’t NEED the workshops, but they will help you finish creating your course and sell it to the right students.

The idea is not to finish the workshops, but to finish your course and sales page.

Use the materials as reference where you already are comfortable with the process, and go through them where you need training.

How long do I keep access?

You have unlimited access to the content, the provided templates, and the replays.

Access to the private community and the calls ends in 3 months

I'm a service provider. Will this work for me?


As a service provider, your “course” could be a guide that teaches a small part of your service.

These short and sharp courses often act as a perfect lead in to your higher priced services, because a student can see you in action.

They are great authority builders, and provide a relatively passive stream of income.


What is the refund policy?

If you are not happy with the program for whatever reason, you get 100% refund.  Just let within 14 days after purchase.

No questions asked.

When are the calls?

Calls are at 11 am Eastern on the first 3 Wednesdays of the month.

You will get access to the calendar when you enroll, together with the Zoom link

I have another question


Simply email and we’ll get you sorted out! 

In the age of search and AI, if all we needed was information, we’d all be millionaires with 6-pack abs

If you didn’t get your course out the door and selling by now, is access to information the real problem?

I don’t have time!

I’m scared of the camera

I’m not sure of my course idea

I don’t understand this niching thing

The tech is freaking me out

Who would even buy my thing?

So no, information is not the issue.
Not moving forward or taking action is.

This is why my workshops and challenges ALL have included individual feedback, and the next best step for YOU.

Even when other coaches charged $10,000+ for programs to include feedback

Even when everyone told me it wouldn’t scale.

I still did it.

Because an active community, timely feedback, and a roadmap to follow is the one differentiator that moves the needle.

That’s why challenges are so successful in getting people to take action – the camraderie, similar goals, and the bite-sized activities, all add up to excited, enthusiastic action — everyday.

Warning: stuff happens when you take action …

Will you be the one selling your courses, and building your multiple streams of income?

Or will it take another several months before you stop hoarding digital products, and start investing in solid support you can feel moving the needle and you feel good about?

Finally, a program worth the investment

Jordan L.

Money & Travel Strategist

Who knew what I could get done in the margins of life — with the right strategy, and the right push!

Rachel E.

Launch Specialist

Naima is my secret weapon – and the industry’s best kept secret.

Fiona C.

Leadership Development Coach & Author

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