Turn your random ideas into content that delights and converts

Every piece of content must carry its weight — it has a job to do.


STOP creating content to just feed algorithms.

START creating killer pieces that do their job: attract your customer, and wow them into your world, one blog post, one social post at a time.

Grab my 4-step system that shows you exactly how to turn your random ideas into content that delights, and converts visitors into loyal fans and customers.

In this live recording workshop:


The key to making your content efforts pay off into the right kind of attention


How to turn ideas into relevant pre-launch and nurture content


The powerful 4-step system to churn out solid content pieces that work for you


Includes workbook plus a completely worked out example for you to follow

Idea To Killer Content

Get smart about content so it works for YOU — just $27

My name is Naima, and I specialize in systemizing everything,
and then simplifying it to the max.

Naima Sheikh
Digital Strategist & Coach

Creating content is possibly the most labour intensive job that’s supposed to be fun.

Except it’s kind of … not.

Not because it’s difficult to come up with a post idea and then create it (although it can be difficult when you’re exhausted).

It’s hard for it to feel like fun when you have NO idea whether that piece of content will win you fans, subscribers and buyers.

The system I use in Idea To Killer Content starts with the premise that every piece of content has a job to do — yes, a job.

And that job is NOT feeding content algorithms.

It is to bring you conversions — from visitors, to engagers, subscribers and customers.

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