Calling coaches and multipassionate experts who want to create digital products

Create your first (or next) digital product without wasting weeks and months in analysis paralysis


The proven 5-step process to side step indecision and endless research, and create digital products with confidence and speed

Get the exact process I use to produce sellable digital products



Of course you’re ready.

You’re a multipassionate like me, ready to jump on a new idea every single second of the day.

Now, you can finally turn those ideas into digital products

When you know the right questions to ask, the product ideas and positioning just flow

… and the product practically creates itself


Use the C.H.A.M.P.S. formula to pick out the winners


Make your product irresistible to the right buyer


Fast track the actual creation with the storyboard method


No second guessing needed – the numbers tell the story


No wondering what to write  to speak to your buyers


No stressing over what goes in, and what stays out of your product

Are you ready to meet your product creation secret weapon?

Introducing … 


The product creation system delivered as a 5-day sprint so you can create digital products fast.

Before you can overthink it.

And feel overwhelmed by it.

Before the next idea comes along.

Module 1:
Defined Product

What shall we build? Follow this process to ferret the stuff that makes your heart sing

Module 2:
The sellable Product

From your list of fabulous ideas, to deciding on the winner and a product that sells

Module 3:
The Covetable Product

Explore how to position your product so it becomes covetable … to the right person

Module 4:
The Irresistible Product

Exactly what to put into your product so it is utterly irresistible

Module 5:
The Profitable Product

How to make your product sell …  consistently, and in a profitable way

BONUS #1: The Product Decision Calculator

BONUS #2: The Product Mind Map

BONUS #3: Recordings of recap and live Q&A sessions

Naima Sheikh

Digital Strategist &
Business Systems Consultant

Hey, I’m Naima

Like you, my hands and digital assets don’t move quite as fast as my imagination and my unbridled enthusiasm.

Then one day I said enough to the guilt of a hard-drive littered with half finished products.

Trello boards strewn with chapter names and module titles.

Endless Google Doc folders with outlines.

I said enough.

And with my multipassionate community, created (and tested) this 5-day process you’re about to experience.

You put in ideas, passions and hope.

You get out an outlined and fleshed out product, complete with language of the buyer and positioning.



Turns out there’s a system to being prolific — inspiration, learning and creativity optional!

… courses that get finished and implemented!



Stop writing down ideas, downloading courses and PDFs, and actually make something you can sell


Figure out what you can create at the intersection of skill, passion and market demand — with a handy calculator


Know whether your product will sell before you even start to outline and make it, so you can avoid false starts 

This is for you if you’re ready to stop tinkering and start creating stuff you actually sell

Get The Multipassionate Product  today for $97 $37

“Perfect for difficult-to-define services!”


You make the “doing” so easy!

Even for my non-product offering (coaching can sometimes be difficult to articulate).

I can follow this and create an offer that I am going to put out there!!!

Lynne Durham

Personal Success Coach

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