Training, Templates & More

Let’s get you to the finish line with a hands-on workshop, a course or a template or two.

Create & Sell Everyday!
course + coaching + community – $497

Create and Sell Everyday (CASE)

Finally master the process of creating and selling your courses and digital products on the regular.  Inside of Create & Sell Everyday, get the complete curriculum, templates, individual support within a group setting, so you can finally bask in those student reviews.

Create & Sell Everyday!
workshop – $37

Finding Your Audience

Want to stop playing guessing games and find your customers? This workshop helps you locate their online hangouts and connect with them directly. You’ll learn practical tips for crafting effective messaging and timing your content for maximum impact. Say goodbye to wasted efforts and start reaching the right audience for your business!

Create & Sell Everyday!
course – $47

The Content Bank

Sick of staring at blank screens when it’s time to create content? This course helps you build a library of your own voice gems so you’ve always got good stuff ready to rock. It shows you how to organize and reuse content from everywhere into a handy dandy digital vault. Never scramble for content again!

Create & Sell Everyday!
workshop – $27

Idea to Killer Content

Making content is supposed to be fun but it kinda sucks when you don’t know if it’ll work. This course shows you how to turn random ideas into killer pieces that attract and delight your peeps. Get the 4-step system to churn out solid content that drives conversions instead of just feeding algorithms.

Create & Sell Everyday!
template pack + mini-course – $27

Brand Me Divi

Got a million passions but no time to build sites for them all? These pre-made Divi templates are your fast track to launching new projects on the fly. Comes with 3 full home pages and a 4-page signup funnel to grab emails quick. Just customize with your colors/fonts and launch that thang by the weekend! 

Create & Sell Everyday!
course- $37

The Multipassionate Product

Got mad passion but keep stalling on deciding what product to make? This course gives you a 5-step formula to pick winning ideas fast and create irresistible digital products with confidence and speed. Ditch analysis paralysis and second guessing with the CHAMPS method, storyboarding, and profitability numbers. For multipassionates ready to stop overthinking and start creating!

Create & Sell Everyday!
course – $37

Offer 101

You got the goods but feel awkward making offers? No more! This two-workshop combo helps you craft irresistible offers your peeps can’t refuse. It shows you how to stand out from the competition and attract the right customers without laboring over an ideal client avatar. Ditch the analysis paralysis and get ready to monetize

Create & Sell Everyday!
course – $17

Getting Digi With It

Tired of losing track of files and not knowing what’s final or not? This short course gives you a 6-step system to organize your digital life once and for all. Stop desktop shame and find what you need fast. Includes what to do before/after projects so you always know where you left off. A few minutes a week keeps the digital chaos away!

Create & Sell Everyday!
course – $67

Totally Trello

Tired of Trello chaos with too many boards going nowhere? This course helps you build one integrated system using the BRIX formula to finally optimize execution. Includes faff-free scheduling so you spend 90% of time doing, plus sustainable routines that work with your busy multipassionate life. Stop the panic of forgotten to-dos and get on top of roles, projects, and self-care. The key to feel-good productivity!

Create & Sell Everyday!
course – $97

Pages That Sell

Got an amazing product but hate salesy copy? This course walks you through creating a sales page that feels like you. Breaks it down into doable chunks: prep your offer, write what you know, design for impact, address buyer questions, pick a platform. For creators who want to attract eager buyers without sleazy tactics. Ditch the fear and start selling!

Create & Sell Everyday!
gsheet workbook  – $17

Stash to Cash

Sick of letting brilliant assets collect dust while you recreate the wheel? This tracker combines your old and new offers into fresh combos. No more out of sight, out of mind. With a minimalist spreadsheet naming links and tagging stash, you’ll stop faffing and turn that content into cash. Includes UTM builder so you can geek out on data.

Product Decision Calculator

Drowning in ideas but don’t know which to make into products first? This calculator helps you quickly decide what’s  worth creating so you can avoid analysis paralysis.

The Microsite Planner

Transform your ideas into polished microsites effortlessly! Follow 4 easy steps to strategize, create on-brand content, and launch your mini-business. Get your free Trello Microsite Workboard now!

The Mapping Cheatsheet

Feeling overwhelmed with the first step in course creation? The Mapping Cheatsheet is your solution. Easily organize your content, ensuring thoroughness without excessive complexity. Get the cheatsheet now.