Calling coaches, consultants and professionals secretly dreaming of creating a killer course

Get ready for camp! Introducing …

Course Complete Camp

A live experience to transform your idea into a course that gets completed

Turn that skill you picked up along the way and turn it into a laser-focused course that gets completed — by you and your students

Explore the 6-point protocol to ensure you hit the key points that makes your course stand out from the rest

The Course Complete Camp is a hands-on get-it-done experience designed to take you from idea to fleshed out and sellable course

During our action-packed, do-it-together camp:


How to make your course stand out and brandable


How to make it the kind of course that gets consumed and completed


How to package it to maximize its perceived (and real) value


Watch the live feedback sessions transforming ideas and outlines into powerful and DONE courses

Hop into our private members’ area, give and get feedback, and watch your course come to life

⛔ Before we go any further, real talk

It takes time and effort

Not gonna lie.  Creating a course that gets results (for you and your students) will take you more than 10 minutes a day.

But it won’t take you 10 hours a day either.  Not if you follow the methods, use the templates,  and leverage the live feedback so you keep moving forward.

And it’s work you will do once, and will payoff over and over again, even if you have to update it once in a while.

AI is a tool that needs prompting

It can spit out outlines and content and whatevs.

Will we use AI?  Yes, to speed up certain things.

Can you do it without? Yes.

Should AI come up with the content instead of you? No. Because you’re teaching what you KNOW how to do.

But we will totally use tools to layer on the awesome.

After creating and delivering dozens of courses and live workshops, I’ve hand picked my best how-tos into a 7-day camp live experience


Based on the uber successful Products That Pop! this brand new training is focused on a specific kind of digital product: the course.

Here’s what they said about the last live experience 👇

” … uncanny ability to answer questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask”

” … so much time to give everyone her full attention … personalisation is built in as a key element.”

” … so much value but never felt overwhelming … once I saw how effective Naima’s feedback is, I didn’t want to miss even one opportunity to submit something!”

” … so great to be able to share ideas and feedback with other members”

” … we really do work! Naima gives us bite sized pieces to complete, then shows us how to put it together”

” … incredible motivation to get stuff done and implement learning on the spot”

Ready to create a killer course that stands out and gets results?

Daily live sessions on Zoom – with replays

Pre-party Prep: pre-work for choosing your course idea

Live Q&A and feedback on your work

Access to Camp replays for 30 days

Bonus: Offer 101 course

Bonus: private community on Heartbeat 

Bonus: videos with closed captions + transcripts

Bonus: Course Complete Camp private podcast

Course Complete Camp

 Get it today for just $67 $10

Wed, March 8th – Wed, March 15th

My name is Naima, and I’m a serial course & workshop creator

Naima Sheikh
Digital Strategist & Coach

With 9,127 students and counting …!

There’s something so powerful when you turn a slice of easy expertise into a killer course that gets results.

May be it’s a skill you  picked up chasing your latest passion or while in your C-suite role

Either way, you probably think it’s too obvious, and no one could possibly be interested in your course idea.

That’s.  Just.  Not.  True.

And that’s why I created the Course Complete Camp — so you can systemize the process of capturing your genius into neat little useful courses that get completed.

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