Calling coaches and creators stuck in permanent overthinking mode


Turning them into a profitable business and not an expensive hobby is

You are so excited about this idea – you feel it in your gut.  

This is it.  This is the one.

Or is it?

How will you make sure that this won’t be another abandoned, 
unfinished project?

Do you hire the $12,000 coach?

Gah.  I have to sit through a “discovery” session.

Also, $12k is a lot of dough for …

Yeah, for what exactly??

Do you get "the" $3,000 course?

Everyone is talking about it!

There’s at least 50 hours of video, and 27 modules.

UGH.  Do I *need* 50 hours of video?

Oooh! A 30 day challenge!

YESSS! You’re going to show up every day.  They said  it’s just 15 minutes a day …

Wait.  Can’t do weekends.  Or Wednesdays.  Also Mondays ..

It is so frustrating!!

Why can’t anything out there fit
MY schedule, MY pace, MY vision?

It happens to regular people like us

We have this idea — the kind that feels so right ….


  • You doodle it out
  • You can SEE it
  • You tell a friend or two
  • The angels are singing …
  • This is going to be SO amazing

You rub your hands together in glee, turn to your laptop and then …

The reality of implementation hits

There’s the branding.(well, actually that’s kinda fun)

And the website (hmmm … )

The social media bios! (do I even want to be on social anyway ..?)

And ugh, the tech.

Wait, how am I even going to sell my thing?

Yes, how am I going to get people to admire my masterpieces?

How come everyone else is doing it and posting about it and living the dream I want?

Why isn’t this happening for me?

Introducing the action-focused accelerator you will actually put to use

Finally, a hands-on program to turn you from serial starter to confident finisher, so you can turn  your idea into an earning asset

Let me show you inside

The BEACH Core Curriculum

Brands That Sell

Start by building your ecosystem foundation.  Your brand, website, and socials

Offers That Sell

Take your product or service or productized service, and position it as an irresistible offer

Pages That Sell

Create your page(s) that sell so your buyer can make an informed win-win decision

Funnels That Sell

Build your automated paths to profit with funnels that work 24/7 while you sleep

Content That Sells

Pump out targeted content that helps you stay top of mind for your audience

I’m just so happy to have found a program finally worth the investment.

And I’ve been in SO MANY programs.

Can’t wait to complete my homework for the week!

Also Included …

Hands-On Support All The Way

Making offers

Live Group Calls

Multiple calls each month at different times to accommodate our community’s time constraints:

  • global time zones
  • homeschooling parents & aging family carers
  • 9-5 corporate warriors

Live Q&A

Strategy, tech, mindset, copy … bring the questions that get you unstuck.

And show up to hear answers to the questions you didn’t think to ask! 

Live Tactical Workshops

Live, relevant-right-now workshops that move the needle.

Focus on one, super-specific aspect of building your automated sales machine


Working alone can get a little lonely, ya know? Join in the co-working sessions to work on your stuff – together.

Plus dance breaks, baby 😎

ACE Sessions

Twice a month in our Accountability & Co-planning Execution (ACE) sessions, we review targets and plan out the next 2-week sprint.

On our communal Trello board.

Relentless focus on taking action.

and finishing!

I wish this was the first group I joined! 

In your group we post questions and you respond with a clear answer.

Your guidance and training in BEACH helped me create a lead magnet, ad copy, and run ads without paying for ANY outside support. WOW!

So happy and thankful to be a part of your upbeat, positive community.

My confidence in my ability to make my business work has changed because you gave me the direction, training, tools, and support I need.

Wendey Laser


It’s time to get serious about your digital business

It’s time to step up, show up, and start changing lives – starting with your own 

Systems That Sell Core Workshops

The Audience Accelerator

Plug & Play Templates, Trello Boards

Accountability & Co-Planning Sessions 

Co-working Sessions

Group Coaching / Q&A 

Fresh, relevant right now workshops

Customized Feedback + N-BOT

Bonus: The Workshop Vault

Bonus: all access pass to any new courses & workshops

Bonus: BEACH private access community

Bonus: The BEACH replays private podcast


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More progress in a few months than in 10 years online

 I’ve made more progress since joining BEACH late last year than I have in ten years online.

I owe a huge part of that to Naima’s encouragement and help.

She just makes me feel like I’m capable of anything…and then I find myself doing stuff I never thought I would.

Jan Small

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