How will you make sure that this idea
burning through you right now
does NOT end up in your ever-growing,
guilt-inducing, unfinished projects pile?

Do you hire the coach?

Gah.  I have to sit through a “discovery” session, and I know I’m … just going to hand over my credit card, but $5k is a lot of dough for … yeah, for what exactly??

Do you get "the" course?

Everyone is talking about it! Like, on every podcast! And literally everywhere on social media.  There’s at least 50 hours of video … UGH.  Do I *need* 50 hours of video?

oh! a 30 day challenge!

That’s IT! A 30-day challenge! You’re going to show up every single day.  It’s supposed to be just 15 minutes a day … wait.  You can’t do weekends.  Or Wednesdays.  Also Mondays ..

It is so frustrating!!

Why can’t anything out there fit
MY schedule, MY pace, MY vision?

It happens to
like us

We have this idea — the kind that hits like a bolt of lightning, and feels so right, your heart is practically singing with excitement.

  • You doodle it out
  • You can SEE it
  • You tell a friend or two
  • The angels are singing …
  • This is going to be SO amazing

You rub your hands together in glee, turn to your laptop and then …

The reality of implementation hits

There’s the branding.(well, actually that’s kinda fun)

And the website (hmmm … )

The social media bios!

And ugh, the tech.

Wait, how am I even going to sell my thing?

“I just want to CREATE!!!”  I hear you scream (not so) silently.



It’s not that you don’t want to work at it.

“I can out-work and out-research and out-create them all!!”

I hear your passion.

But I also hear that tiny voice — the one that worries she’s going to pick the wrong tech, get on a has-been social platform, or bet the farm (ok, coffee money) on the wrong horse.

The one that is scared she’s going to throw all that work and passion on the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Just before you start to Google and get lost down another YouTube rabbit hole, let me tell you about my secret weapon.


Naima Sheikh
Digital Strategist & Coach

Hello, I’m Naima

I’m a Digital Strategy Consultant specializing in transforming vague ideas into actual digital assets.

Even with my 20+ years in corporate actually building digital products, it still took me a little while to figure out how to do this online business thing on the sidelines of an already full-on life.

I’ve since figured out what it takes to create profitable projects in the margins of life (and in the ever shifting nuances of digital marketing),  even while juggling clients, kids, career, community and that pesky pile of paperwork that just keeps growing.

The result is several online courses, speaking engagements, published books and a growing community of like-minded multipassionates on a quest to having it all.


I took my collection of solutions, frameworks and blueprints I use for my own business and for my clients, and put them all in one place.

And then, I added personalized coaching.



The Brand Execution & Asset Creation Hub:

The action-focused premium membership site you will actually use

The BEACH is a collection of hyper-focused how-to workshops to get you from serial starter to confident and earning finisher in building everything you need to make
your idea a REAL thing.

In your own time, but not alone.

Online Courses & Masterclasses Included in the BEACH

Your Brand & Online Presence (Value: $297)

How to build your branded and beautiful website on WordPress using Divi. A step by step detailed video course for creating your online brand.

Visual branding simplified for non-designers.  Learn how to quickly put together a stunning and polished visual brand

Even the best copywriters falter when it comes to writing about themselves.   Learn how to write everything from short bios, to your About page.

Naima’s genius is she helps you take your next brainstorm & creation that has been living in your head into clear concepts, executed in record time.

If you want to execute digital plans into action, her products & amazing services will have your back.

Holly LaRochelle

Entrepreneur & Coach,

Your offers & funnels (value: $197)

An offer is not the same as a product.   Learn how to craft yours and the right way to pitch it

Go from zero to  lead generation funnel built and launched with the Lead Gen funnel pack – includes all the templates

A brilliant online course for when you don’t know where to start, and don’t know where you’re going.  Literally. 

I can’t believe I set up my entire lead gen funnel in under an hour.  The funnel packs are genius —  effective, time saving and they look GREAT.

Ravi Toor

Transformational Leaders Coach

Your planning & execution (value: $297)

The wildly successful Trello course that gets your entire life organized with just four boards.  Perfect for people with real lives

Build your own content bank so you are never stuck for creative content to fill your funnels and educate your customer

Beat digital overwhelm by Getting Digi With It.  Learn how to set up your files and workflow so you feel in control

… and more courses are added every month.  It’s like all you can eat — but better.  

Because it’s curated to STOP overwhelm, and START moving forward.



Each month, you get a fresh and relevant right now masterclass delivered LIVE while you’re IN the Zoom room.

You and I both know that learning what worked last year (or even last quarter) is not going to do you any good.

I run the masterclasses live so you have a chance to STOP me, ask your questions and get an answer on the spot.




Your very own business, mindset, tech, systems coach.
On tap.

Much as you’d love having a business coach, a mindset coach, a tech coach, a systems & productivity coach … the reality is that you can’t afford to keep even ONE of them on tap for longer than 3 months.

And then what happens when #life happens in between and you didn’t do your stuff, and suddenly you’ve used up all the coaching hours and have nothing to show for it?

Enter N-BOT: Naima’s Brain On Tap.  Ask me a question, any question, via PM.

Review copy.  Check why your WordPress is misbehaving.  Brainstorm your new offer.  Get advice on pricing.  Or how to set up your Trello board.

Whatever you need. Anytime you need.

And get a response within 72 hours.


We got to do an in-person business intensive, and in a few hours, Naima helped us crystallize our diverse offers into a set of optimized streams — each for our different client personas.

it’s so exciting to see our brand proposition described so concisely, and all in one document, complete with implementation plan.

Andy Torr

Co-Founder, Authentic Networker


Execution-focused Co-working Session EVERY MONTH

The BEACH is execution focused, and as head-BEACHer, I understand that online business can be a solitary place.

This is why each month, we roll up our sleeves, meet on Zoom and work together.

We work to Pomodoros, and during the breaks, you can ask questions, shoot the breeze and share a win.

I hear people get more done during that single 2-hour session than all month!



The BEACH Elite Group

Hang out with like-minded individuals across the globe — all  building their businesses, delivering on their promises and living their dream — one step at a time.

You already know the power of community.

You may not know the power of an executing community who is serious about living the life they want.


*Cancel anytime. Decide month-to-month.  No contracts.  

Don’t miss this incredible offer to experience the BEACH

Curated training library

Your on-demand workshops accessible 24-7, ready when you are. 

Value: $697

Monthly Live Masterclass

Get up to the minute, relevant right now training live every month.

Value: $197/month


Monthly Co-Working

Work alongside with me and the group to get it done – together

Value: $97/month



So you can skip the research and just IMPLEMENT

Value: 147


Me as your coach and consultant — on tap, any time, any where, via private message.

Value: $800/month

Total value: 13,972/YEAR

enroll in THE B.E.A.C.H. now

*Cancel anytime. Decide month-to-month.  No contracts.  

It’s the best investment I ever made in my business.

Jannie O. Harvey

Author Marketing Specialist

Who knew what I could get done in the margins of life — with the right strategy, and the right push!

Rachel Escola

Launch Specialist

Naima is my secret weapon – and the industry’s best kept secret.

Fiona Campbell

Leadership Development Coach & Author

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