Access, ability, choice

I had finally made it to my annual medical / wellness check.

Somehow, between …

I was about to say, “between moving and getting kids settled …”.

But of course that’s not entirely true.

We moved last July.

Kids haven’t lived at home full time for a couple of years.

So why on earth did I put it off for so long?

Who knows.

Probably because it’s not exactly fun to make a bunch of calls, looking for a doctor that’s within reasonable driving distance, has availability sometime this month, and is in-network with our health insurance.

But I sure felt foolish, immature and plain reckless when my brand-new primary care doctor asked me the date of my last mammogram, which was, ahem, in 2018.

He looked at me, paused a moment and said,

“Why haven’t you done it?

You have access.

You have ability.

Your insurance covers it.

You know early detection makes a huge difference.”

Of course, he’s right.

I have zero reason for putting off getting this annual check and a routine mammogram done.

I looked down at my feet, feeling chastised.

“I lost my sister to breast cancer,” he said, turning his attention back to the monitor. “It makes me sad when I see patients who have access to early detection, and choose to not do it.”

Those words hit me.

You have access.

You have ability.

You are choosing to NOT do it.

(He apologized for getting personal and slightly emotional btw …)

On the way back home, traffic was heavy, and for once, I didn’t have a podcast playing.

I drove in silence, thinking about my doctor’s words.

I thought about all the other things I’m privileged with. All the things …

… to which I have access

… for which I have ability,

… and that I’m choosing to not do

Make no mistake.


Like getting to know my neighbors, or creating that mid-tier course, or segmenting my list, or taking up that hip hop class, or resuming work on those speaking opportunities I shelved in 2020.

Sure, on the surface it doesn’t look like we’re CHOOSING to NOT do.

On the surface it looks like we are legitimately too busy, too broke, too unresourced, or too unqualified to chase the promise of that perfect dream.

On the surface it looks like that there are always more important, more pressing, more noble reasons why we are not doing the very thing that is the next best thing for us.

Nowhere is this more true than an online based business.

If you’re reading this, then you know it.

We have access.

We have ability.

Why aren’t we choosing to act on it?

Why instead do we keep prioritizing OTHER stuff?

Why don’t we get excited about building our business, and actually BUILD it …

… instead of choosing to NOT finish the product …

… NOT do the sales page …

… NOT build the funnel …

but instead, spend crazy hours obsessing over what everyone else is doing ….

… or fretting over elaborate social media calendars …

… or rethinking the entire tech stack again.

I made the appointment.

No, it wasn’t fun.

I was on hold for way too long, got disconnected at least twice, and the lovely lady on the phone kept misspelling my last name, so she couldn’t find me on their database.

But I made the appointment for the mammo.

And I have also made the long overdue appointment with myself to build those business assets I’ve been putting off for too long.

And you?

What do you have access to, ability for, but you’ve been avoiding for far too long when it comes to your online business?

You and I both know time is always short and we are never quite ready.

What you may not know (or acknowledge) is that it only becomes the right time when you choose to do it.

Read this far? Want some help figuring out your next best step so you can make this the right time to choose to do it?

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