Hello! Nice to meet you.

My name is Naima and I’m a Digital Strategy & Business Systems Consultant.

I bring 20+ years of corporate and digital strategy consulting experience to building online businesses.

The kind that run themselves, so you can actually have a life.

I’m a grown up
third culture kid

(if you know, you know!)

I was born in the UK to Somali parents, went to schools in 3 languages, 4 continents, received a distance degree from the 5th (zero plans for Antartica, though!)

Let’s say I’m justified in occasional identity crises 🙃.

Let’s also say this very diversity in culture, environment, and language is exactly why I am an adapting ninja, comfortable with rapid change and uncertain situations.

So, yeah, perfect for online business.

So many ideas.  So little time …

Cutting through the haze of possibilities to an actionable plan can be tricky

True, there’s unlimited potential and infinite possibilities for experts to turn knowledge into hot digital products.

But then the reality of creating programs with online delivery can hit with an unpleasant, sometimes frightening THUD.

So many decisions on what goes in, what stays out, the format.  Then there’s marketing and sales, and goodness, the tech!

What on earth shall we do about the tech!

Guess what?


I speak human, tech and copy

Comes with the territory after years of

• Translating corporate business needs to tech specifications

• Turning product features into useful and usable training in my own consulting practice

• Polishing heartfelt, but vague “fulfill your potential!” promises into solid offers and copy that converts

Let me help you untangle your ideas into sellable assets

Pull up a chair and let’s chat

A 15-minute session might be just the thing to get you moving in the right direction and recapture your excitement — confidently

Help yourself to a  resource

Grab a free or low cost workshop or toolkit from my school — many come with a workbook or Trello board so you can DO stuff

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