I’m a grown up third culture kid, and would you believe it, my two teenage kids are also third culture kids.

I’m a bit of geek.  Ok, a lot of a geek, and can’t imagine a world without being connected.  In fact, I travel with my Airport Expresses tucked into my handbag.  Really.

And to think I lived a couple of decades before internet was even invented.

I also had a crush on Andy Gibb.  So now you know which generation I came from.

Talking of crushes, I also love Somali halwa and donuts.  Sugar and me? We have a complicated relationship.

Anyway, as I was saying, I am a  technologist,  digital strategist, implementation coach, author, entrepreneur

No, not ADD.  Just multi-passionate, excited and enthusiastic about possibilities.


Over the years, I grew up and was educated over four different continents, received a distance degree from the fifth, and while it is unlikely that I will ever go to  Antarctica, I figure I’m culturally diverse enough to indulge in identity crises once in a while.

Growing up, I enjoyed learning new languages, meeting new people, studying World War II from several different angles depending on the country I was in – it taught me how the same facts can be viewed from such diverging perspectives.

I wish Divergent existed back then.  I would have been the cool kid, instead of the one sticking out.

For gainful employment in the corporate world, I held roles in technology management, IT strategy, application development, amongst others.

I love to create stuff, especially using technology, and love working with people even more.

It helps explain my stints as a DJ/radio presenter and working in hotel management.


My personal favourite? It’s got to be cutting through the haze, creating an actionable plan, throwing some tech at it, and going to town making it a reality – fast.

You see, when you move as often as I have, you develop certain skills: you learn to come up to speed super quick, whether it’s blending into the new environment, figuring out local language basics or navigating new roads in search of the perfect doughnut.

For some reason though, all my expert skills fall apart when it comes to motivating my kids to eat vegetables.  Go figure.

The internet has given me an inexhaustible supply of new learning and an outlet to indulge my interests.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to explore, experience and cram as much as I can into each day in my new post-corporate life as a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Now, if they could just hurry up with the 3D doughnut printing.

Unlike 3D doughnut printing, your online project doesn’t have to wait.  A solid, actionable strategy and fast implementation are two of key pillars of how I work.

Want a test ride? Apply for a free strategy session here, check out my courses here or peruse my published works on Amazon here.