Want to transition to an online model?

I help second-career professionals create and sell digital products and services.

There’s never been a better time to join the digital economy from anywhere in the world, at any point in your journey

Where would you like to jump in today?

Plan your brand and online business

Being a multi-skilled professional with multiple passions and interests presents a dilemma: which business?

First, know that you are not alone.

I created the Microsite Planner to scratch my own itch, to quickly formulate and plan out a digital product/service based business.

Get the  uber-popular Trello Microsite Planner and figure out your biz in 4 steps.

It’s kind of magical, and totally free.

Create your first (or next) digital product

There are ideas, and then there are finished digital products that sell.

In the Multipassionate Product 5-Day Sprint, you figure out which one of your ideas to pursue.

Yes, there’s a specific, data-driven way to decide, and to figure out if it will sell before you start to build it.

Get the exact process my students and I have used in creating products they’re proud to show off AND sell.

Perfect workshop for distracted multipassionates with perfectionist tendencies 😇

Optimize your offers & your business

In an ideal world, you have a signature program, and may be an ebook or course or two.

Eager fans arrive in droves to buy your stuff on the regular.

The thing is you have some of this stuff in place, but it’s FAR from the ideal world you envisaged. 

May be you need a fresh pair of eyes who can help you optimize and streamline your products and how you get them into the hands of your customes.

Book a no obligation 15-minute call.  May be I can help, or may be I can point you to someone / something that can.

Naima Sheikh
Digital Strategist & Coach

Hello, I’m Naima and I’m multipassionate too

I’m a Digital Strategy & Systems Consultant specializing in transforming vague ideas into actual digital assets.

After creating products myself and teaching (2000+) students how to do it, I realized that my super power is not information or teaching.

It’s helping you execute.

That’s why my courses and workshops are actionable and get you results.

Bite-sized action steps that are perfect when you need to do this online business thing on the sidelines of an already full-on life.

Execution is what it takes to create profitable projects in the margins of life (and in the ever shifting nuances of digital marketing).

We got to do an in-person business intensive, and in a few hours, Naima helped us crystallize our diverse offers into a set of optimized streams — each for our different client personas.

it’s so exciting to see our brand proposition described so concisely, and all in one document, complete with implementation plan.

Andy Torr
Founder, The League of Remarkable Men
Co-Founder, Authentic Networker

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Make sense of your ideas

Hats off to you, Naima.

I have finally(!) got to do your ‘Plan Me Right’ programme. I’m so, sooo, soooo impressed with the quality of the content. I would happily pay for this. Thank you so much for making it free. It’s a real gem!

Mally Y.